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Bulkhead Production Update - September 2017

(September 18, 2017)

Off the back of success of ramping up the production line, we are incredibly excited to report we have stepped up a gear this month. This year Pegasus Parts have taken delivery of the highest volume of new bulkhead parts, since we started manufacturing the bulkheads in 2010. We aim to reduce the lead times significantly in the coming months.

It hasn't been easy though. Just one little hiccup can make a huge impact on so many things, as you are about to hear...

We are always looking to keep costs down, so if someone approaches us with a good price and says they can make it, we are always interested. However it's sometimes best to stick with who you know, as we have discovered...

One manufacturer came to us and told us they could make the foot-well panels at a very reasonable price, but sadly they couldn't form the ribs deep enough. Next, another company said they could make them and even sent us a sample, but in the end they couldn't make them either.

Third time lucky we went back to our original supplier; then the guy who normally forms the ribs went on paternity leave, so the task was given to another guy, but he promptly formed all the ribs on the wrong side! He didn't just do one wrong though, he managed to do all of them wrong!

We are pleased to say they have now been delivered and they look lovely!

We count ourselves very lucky to have found this factory, who have been working with us from day one.


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