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Bulkhead Measurements

(March 08, 2018)

To collect or not to collect? 

Bulkhead Crate

All our bulkheads shipped overseas, leave us in a securely packed and specially 'made to measure' certified crate. We use a reliable courier service that will ensure your order is delivered safely.

To help you decide whether to collect your bulkhead or let us make the arrangements for you; here are our crate measurments.

Crate Measurements
Length = 175cm
Width  = 102cm
Height = 54cm
Gross Weight = 74kg
Net Weight  = 26kg

If you are in the UK mainland, your bulkhead won't need a crate for protection (saving you the expense of a crate), as we only use a  courier service that we know and trust. They will ensure your bulkhead is delivered with the best tender loving care!

Shipping prices may vary from country to country. So we prefer to get quotes near to the time your  bulkhead order is ready to be shipped, as prices can go up or down.

However, If you would like an estimate of the shipping costs, please get in touch via our  contact us page.


Price is what you pay, value is what you get.

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