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The Best Reasons To Choose a Pegasus Parts Bulkhead

(March 09, 2018)

Pegasus Parts - Red Oxide - BH S2a Type 4 - Engine Side View - 120118

Pegasus Parts would like to think that if one of the original assembly workers at the Rover factory in Solihull viewed our bulkheads today, he would find it difficult to detect any differences to the original.


More Than Meets The Eye

Here at Pegasus Parts, we are great believers in keeping a classic looking as beautiful and original as possible.

We have painstakingly reverse engineered each and every single part to replicate Rover's original specification.

Doesn't sound too technical? However, until you examine the simple beauty of these parts, they actually have complicated and demanding manufacturing processes; involving cutting-edge CAD (computer-aided-design) engineering and a variety of sheet metal cutting and fabrication processes.

Pegasus Parts bulkheads replicate Rover's finest details, including this rain channel, with the correct formed hemmed lip. Tie Rod Brackets have also been adjusted to allow correct alignment of the Tie Rod.

Pegasus Parts - Red Oxide - BH S2a Type 4 - Rain Channel Engine Side View -


It's All About The Detail

Discover legendary key features that make Pegasus Parts bulkheads stand out from the rest.

 Pegasus Parts - Red Oxide - BH S2a Type 4 - Engine Side on Parcel Shelf - 1

This Parcel Shelf Z-Piece with 'finger tip' pressing, allowed quick alignment of the component during the original assembly process.


Pegasus Parts - Red Oxide - BH S2a Type 4 - Cab Side View.002 - 120118

High quality, special pressed Door Check Tube End Cap. Both left-hand and right-hand side versions are manufactured exclusively for Pegasus Parts.


 Pegasus Parts - Red Oxide - BH S2a Type 4 - Cab Side Parcel Shelf - 180118

Even a plunged hole for the demister tube in the Instrument Box Side Panel is precisely engineered. This panel also has a special press formed top flange to mate with the underside of the parcel shelf components. A detail that is hidden from view.


Pegasus Parts - Red Oxide - BH S2a Type 4 - Door Pillar Cab Side View - 180

Pegasus Parts Door Pillars offer exceptional replicas, manufactured to the original specification with the double bend gutter for the door seal.


Pegasus Parts -Red Oxide - BH S2a Type 4 - Cab Side Parcel Shelf.003 - 1801

Featuring the Gearbox Bridge Piece with special pressing to allow fitting of the Gearbox Tunnel with Spire nuts. The large hole is to allow access to the Clutch Slave Cylinder bleed nipple. A critical detail that was forgotton by Rovers engineers for the first few months of Series 2 production.


Pegasus Parts - Red Oxide - BH S2a Type 4 - Door Pillar Cab Side View.002 -

Pegasus Parts have even replicated Rover's unique weld runs on the Ventilator Outer Panel, as per the original design.

In addition, Pegasus Parts also ensures your bulkhead features:

  • Pressed ribs in the foot-wells
  • Captive nuts and cages
  • Tool location and jig points
  • Internal stiffeners
  • Nut plates


Ready to Fit

All these precision replicated features enable you to fit a new Pegasus Parts bulkhead with minimal fuss.  Feel confident that all other parts will fit with ease.


Pegasus Parts - Signature

Finally look out for our signature strip, with your very own serial number laser cut and spot-welded on to the right side footwell panel - it's your guarantee that you have a quality piece of kit, fitted to your highly respected Landy!


This bulkhead has been treated with Red-Oxide surface finish, which is is a lead-free, oil-based, high-quality, rust-resistant primer and would have been similar to the original finish on steel components supplied by the Rover Company.

Pegasus Parts - Red Oxide - BH S2a Type 4 - Cab Side View - 120118


We don't like the word 'obsolete' here at Pegasus Parts,

that's why we manufacture: New parts for old Land-Rovers!

pegasus landy sticker - original



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