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Finding a Sub-Contractor

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Finding a Sub-Contractor to make our Bulkheads


'What's the London 2012 Olympics got to do with Pegasus Parts', you ask?

Well... we now had a drawing package at the prototype stage. The next major task was to find a sheet metal company that could manufacture all the parts and put them together.

At this time, 2009, London and the south-east was gearing up to host the 2012 London Olympics. As part of that vast project and to leave some sort of legacy, a website was created called CompeteFor.

This website was originally intended to allow public access to tender for all the facilities and construction of the 2012 London Olympics, everything from building the stadia (stadiums) to supplying the tea and coffee. Everything for tender had to go through this website.

The legacy was that anybody could use it to offer tenders or submit bids, even if it was not Olympics related. Including us, Pegasus Parts.

So we submitted tender details and a brief outline of the project with some of the suspected complexities explained and waited.

Within 2 weeks we had nearly 60 responses from interested businesses.

Some of them were big names in the sheetmetal business, others were small operations of a couple of blokes and a few specialist tools.

What we were looking for was a firm that had tackled similar problems, especially the gutters for the vent seals, as we could tell these were going to be a challenge.

We sent drawings of the complex parts, the ventilator panels, footwell plates with the ribs and the door pillars and waited for responses and quotes.

One by one the 60 fell away, crying off on a whole host of reasons, some sensible, others quite frankly pathetic:

  • 'Too complex for us' - But you read the outline, you couldn't deduce from that information?
  • 'Conflicts with the work we already do for Land-Rover' - How does making parts for a 50 year old Land-Rover become conflicting?
  • 'Quantities are too small for us' - The quantities were in the tender outline.
  • 'Quantities are too large for us' - Err, the quantities were in the tender outline.
  • 'We will do all the donkey work and then you'll get the Chinese to make the parts for pennies' - So why don't we go to China first?
  • 'The press tooling is going to cost £10,000 for the ventilator panel alone' - Even Rover didn't spend £10,000 building the whole prototype bulkhead. It was all done by the toolroom guys.


And the classic:

  • 'We are too busy' - So why did you express an interest?


So eventually the 60 became 2.


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