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Series 3 Production Timeline

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Model/s affected Chassis number or VIN cross-reference Date Detail Reference
All   September 1971 Official launch of the Series 3 model  
All   Wednesday 20th September 1972 onwards 2nd type Front Door Check Rod with 45° bend introduced. Replaces 90° type. RTC9841CE, Page 2G 16
109" Station Wagon   September 1972 onwards Plastic lock for sliding window on SW rear side door replaces top mounted metal 'twist' type RTC9841CE, Page 2G 17
2.6 Petrol Engine   Up to October 1972 Choke thermostat switch fitted RTC9841CE, Page 1D 11
2.6 Petrol Engine   From November 1972 onwards Choke thermostat switch replaced with blanking plate RTC9841CE, Page 1D 11
All   January 1973 to January 1981 LEP Flasher lamps fitted RTC9841CE, Page 2F 04
88" only   August 1973 onwards Pins and collars used to fit 3 crossmembers to rear body floor? (Not spot welded?) RTC9841CE, Page 2H 02
88 Diesel Suffix A   Up to September 1973 1st type front pipe (4 stud fixing) RTC9841CE, Page 2C 03
All   September 1973 onwards LEP or Lucas Stop Tail Lamp fitted as standard (Wipac and Sparto discontinued?) RTC9841CE, Page 2F 03
88 Diesel Suffix A   October 1973 to July 1974 2nd type front pipe and intermediate pipe RTC9841CE, Page 2C 03
88" and 109" Station Wagon   October 1973 onwards 2nd type 'B' pillar trim pieces introduced RTC9841CE, Page 2J 07
88 Diesel Suffix B   August 1974 onwards 3rd type front pipe (3 stud fixing) RTC9841CE, Page 2C 03
109" 1 Ton   August 1974 onwards Fully threaded steering ball joints and tubes introduced RTC9841CE, Page 1K 06
All   August 1974 onwards Fairey Overdrive available as Optional Extra  
Axles, 4 and 6-cylinder models Suffix 'E' onwards Possibly August 1974 Fully threaded steering ball joints RTC 9841CE, Page 1K 06
1 Ton   September 1974 onwards Salisbury front axle replaced with Rover type. RTC9841CE, Page 1J 03
109" 6-cylinder   November 1974 onwards 2nd type Fuel Filter to Carburettor Fuel Pipe introduced RTC9841CE, Page 1N 12
All   November 1975 onwards Bulkheads with separate bridge plates, 2nd type ventilator panel introduced. Small type demister vents. RTC9841CE, Page 2G 09, 2J 02
    17th June 1976 1,000,000th Land-Rover built (1)
88" RHD   December 1976 onwards 2nd type Exhaust Silencer and Tail Pipe introduced RTC9841CE, Page 2C 06
All   December 1977 onwards Door mounted mirrors replace wing mounted type. 2nd type Interior Mirror and bracket introduced. RTC9841CE, Page 2G 07, 2I 03
109" 6-cylinder Suffix 'B' onwards Before May 1978 Bendix/Facet type Fuel pump introduced RTC9841CE, Page 1N 08
109" 6-cylinder   June 1978 onwards 2nd type live feed wire to Fuel Pump introduced RTC9841CE, Page 1N 08
109 V8   February 1979 onwards Production of 109 V8 starts for export markets only. (2)
All   1st November 1979 onwards 14 digit VIN codes introduced RTC9841CE, Page 1B 03
109 V8   March 1980 onwards Deluxe seats replace basic type as standard RTC9841CE, Page 2J 13
All   June 1980 onwards Front bumper with metric fasteners (rationalised for 109 V8 production, brackets for 109 V8 discontinued) RTC9841CE, Page 2G 02
109 V8   June 1980 onwards 2nd type Front Panel introduced. RTC9841CE, Page 2G 05
109 V8   June 1980 onwards 2nd type Front lifting and towing rings introduced (NRC 5942) RTC9841CE, Page 2G 12
88"   July 1980 onwards 24 spline front axle shafts introduced RTC9841CE, Page 1J 05
88"   July 1980 onwards 11" Front Brakes introduced RTC9841CE, Page 1L 03
88" and 109"   July 1980 onwards Metric unions on brake pipes introduced RTC9841CE, Page 1L 10
109 V8   August 1980 onwards 109 V8 available to UK market?  
All   August 1980 onwards? 17 digit VIN codes used for 1981 model year vehicles?  
88" and 109" (not 1 Ton)   October 1980 onwards 3rd type Front Outer Half Shaft introduced RTC9841CE, Page 1J 05
88" and 109"     October 1980 onwards 1 piece front stub axles introduced RTC9841CE, Page 1J 06
88" and 109"     October 1980 onwards 'Metric' wheel bearings introduced RTC9841CE, Page 1J 10
All   December 1980 onwards 2nd type Battery Retainer Frame introduced RTC9841CE, Page 2G 04
LHD Station Wagon for EEC   January 1981 onwards 2nd type PDWA and pipes introduced. RTC9841CE, Page 1L 13
All   February 1981 onwards LEP Flasher lamps fitted to rear RTC9841CE, Page 2F 04
109" Station Wagon   February 1981 onwards 2nd type Rear Floor introduced RTC9841CE, Page 2H 07
109 V8 only 158452 onwards January 1982 1 piece speedometer cable introduced for all models RTC9841CE, Page 2F 08
109 V8   March 1982 onwards 2nd type Fuel Return Pipe introduced RTC9841CE, Page 1N 12
All   April 1982 onwards 'County' trim pack and HCPU introduced?  
109 V8   July 1982 onwards 2nd type alternator wiring harness RTC9841CE, Page 2F 10
All   September 1982 onwards 2nd type Centre Seat Base Cover Plate introduced RTC9841CE, Page 2G 12
88" only 193069 onwards November 1982? 2nd type PWDA switch introduced RTC9841CE, Page 1L 11
All   November 1982 onwards 2nd type of PDWA to 3-way union brake pipes introduced. 2nd type bracket for PDWA introduced. Corresponds with change at 193069 onwards? RTC9841CE, Page 1L 10
109" Station Wagon   January 1983 onwards 2nd type Fuel Tank Access Covers introduced RTC9841CE, Page 2H 07
109 V8   July 1983 onwards 2nd type rubber dust shield on front panel introduced RTC9841CE, Page 2G 05
88" and 109"     October 1983 onwards Plastic hub caps introduced RTC9841CE, Page 1J 10
2¼ Diesel models   December 1983 onwards Ballast resistor discontinued. RTC9841CE, Page 2F 11
2¼ Diesel Engine Engine serial number 36623792B onwards December 1983? Small heater plugs introduced. Ballast resistor discontinued in December 1983? RTC9841CE, Page 1E 11
All   September 1984 onwards Oblong rear reflectors fitted RTC9841CE, Page 2F 05
(1) The Land-Rover 1948 to 1984, James Taylor, 1984, p.66    
(2) The Land-Rover 1948 to 1984, James Taylor, 1984, p.63    

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