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Bulkhead parts supply timeline

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29 Feb 2017 - Supplier G quote for T5 Inner Vent Panel. Telephone conversation with GJ confirms that they see no problems.

???? - Supplier G quote for ribbed footwell plates.

???? - Supplier A quote for ribbed footwell plates.

???? - Supplier G deliver batches of various ribbed plates. All are rejected for rib being too shallow, i.e. not to drawing.

???? - Supplier A send sample of ribbing that they can produce without excess deformation. Is within acceptable limits. Order placed.

???? - Supplier A now decline order, citing that the batches are too small.

???? - Conversation with sales rep from Supplier A who says management at A are complete morons. Out of 30 odd orders he won for them they only accepted 2. The others were either too small or too large.

24 Aug 2017 - Supply P deliver 4 sets of parts. 1 set have been 'reverse' folded. Press brake operator has not read drawing correctly. Has not had first article inspected. Welder has also not spotted folding error. Final inspection (if any) has also not spotted error.

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