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When Rover introduced the 6-cylinder model they decided to simplify the 4-cylinder design and introduced the idea of conversion plates to create RHD or LHD variants, instead of creating holes for all variants and then blanking off half the holes.

To order, select the base unit bulkhead and then the Cover Plate and Brake and Clutch Pedal Toe Plate as required.

This does not apply to LHD NADA specification bulkheads, as these appear to have their own unique part number and are only supplied as LHD with the NADA Heater/Demister option and with remote brake servo.

After selecting the bulkhead you require, please select the surface finish.

For standard build 6-cylinder bulkheads there are currently 3 types, in line with revisions that occured with 4-cylinder build. Dates are based on actual production, not registration, and are provisional:

  • Type 6 - upto December 1968. ('Square' wiper motor)
  • Type 7 - January 1969 to September 1969. ('Round' wiper motor and angled brackets)
  • Type 8 - October 1969 onwards. ('Round' wiper motor and straight brackets)

LHD NADA has its own part number, 348571, and are a modified Type 6.

All 6-cylinder bulkheads are supplied with the selected Cover Plate, Toe Plate and a bag of pop rivets fitted loose to allow final surface finishing of both sides.