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Please note: From July 2019 all complete bulkheads are now sold through our sister website Pegasus Bulkheads.

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Pegasus Bulkheads.

Bulkhead repair sections, sub-assemblies and associated component parts will continue to be sold only through Pegasus Parts website.

Pegasus Parts - Red Oxide - BH S2a Type 4 - Engine Side View - 120118

Since February 2007 Pegasus Parts have been involved with manufacturing new parts for classic Land-Rovers. We constantly endeavour to produce parts that provide peerless levels of performance.

Other companies and individuals attempt to make a 40 year old bulkhead perform well beyond its design life and frequently fail to rectify hidden corrosion. Repaired bulkheads are often found to be weak and sometimes the damage and corrosion incurred is simply too great for them to be successfully repaired.

Our solution to these challenges was to reproduce new bulkheads for Land-Rover Series 2, 2a and 3 models and make improvements where weaknesses were found.


1958 - 1971, Land-Rover Series 2 and Series 2a
1958 - 1971, Land-Rover Series 2 and Series 2a

1962 to 1972 - Forward Control, 2a and 2b
1962 to 1972 - Forward Control, 2a and 2b

1968 to 1983 - Series 2a and 3 Lightweight
1968 to 1983 - Series 2a and 3 Lightweight

1971 to 1984, Land-Rover Series 3
1971 to 1984, Land-Rover Series 3

Bulkhead Repair Sections
Bulkhead Repair Sections

Surface Finishes
Surface Finishes

Pegasus Parts - Red Oxide - BH S2a Type 4 - Cab Side View - 120118


Pegasus Parts Solution

Stiffer, stronger and corrosion free!

Modern design and materials mean we can enhance performance, increasing both strength and rigidity and rectify corrosion problems, whilst retaining the compatibility and integrity of the original.

We have invested heavily in new tooling to develop a British made bulkhead that is equal to Rover's engineered parts.

This required a 36 point alignment jig backed up by new press tooling. Thus we are able to ensure highly accurate bulkhead geometry and complete control of the process, guaranteeing the quality of the finished product. 

Pegasus Parts bulkheads are made to these standards with the finest attention to detail and originality.

We have had the opportunity over the years to view an enormous number of bulkheads and make detailed notes regarding their individual characteristics and the varying details that inevitably occur in a hand built vehicle such as these.

This together with privileged access to historic records means that we are able to offer customers an exact copy of the original, all made from new.


A Recreation of the Original Land-Rover Series 2/2a Bulkhead

The development of the bulkheads project left Pegasus Parts in a privileged position. Our 40 year history restoring, maintaining and servicing these vehicles meant that we had the pedigree to undertake such a recreation.

Taking nearly 2 years to reverse-engineer, using state of the art CAD and laser cutting technology, Pegasus Parts bulkheads are manufactured from all new parts and assembled to more accurate tolerances than the originals.

Unlike conventional “repaired” bulkheads, Pegasus Parts bulkheads are made to the highest standard using all new material and replicate Rover's original specification including:

  • Pressed ribs in the foot-wells
  • Captive nuts and cages
  • Tool location and jig points
  • Internal stiffeners
  • Nut plates

The bulkheads are fabricated with very little pressing, which retains the metal thickness; this means your Land-Rover bulkhead will have at least another 40 years of life!

So you no longer have to dream, simply contact us today!



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