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  • First type of Mixture Control Bracket used up to 06104682, bolted to bulkhead.
  • Second type of Mixture Control Bracket used from 06104683 to 06111527.
  • First type Mixture Control/Choke up to 06111527.
  • Third type of Mixture Control bracket used from 06111528 onwards.
  • Second type Mixture Control/Choke from 06111528 onwards.
  • Side lamps in bulkhead up to 16103898.

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What is the Alternative Bulkhead?

The Alternative Bulkhead, sometimes referred to as an 'Aluminium Bulkhead' was a stop-gap replacement bulkhead supplied after manufacture of the production 'pressed steel' variant had ceased.

There appears to be a least two versions, one version is universal construction and has holes punched to suit LHD or RHD models.

The second version has holes only punched for RHD fitment.

Whilst it is called the Aluminium Bulkhead, the later RHD only version only has alloy footwells and middle panel, everything else is steel.

The earlier version has an alloy main panel but with an upper horizontal steel frame to which the captive nut plates for the steering column bracket/grab handle and windscreen catches attach.

There is also a similar looking bulkhead that was fitted to Minerva built land-Rovers. These are an all steel construction.