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Pegasus Parts new manufactured Brake and Clutch Fluid Reservoirs

Pegasus Parts new manufactured Brake and Clutch Fluid Reservoir Tanks comprise of a metal tank, metal cap with original type breather system, embossed lettering and for Series 2/2a models the internal reservoir for the clutch fluid.

In 2013, following suggestions from owners, we created two more types suitable for Series 3 and 101 Forward Control models.

Our metal reservoirs for 101 FC are an improvement on the plastic originals, which are eventually destroyed by the suns UV rays.  

Pegasus Parts also stock reservoirs to fit other makes of vehicles, including:

  • Jaguar XK120, XK140 and XK150.
  • Maserati 3500 GT/GTI.
  • Alfa-Romeo Giulietta.
  • Austin-Healey BN1 and BN2.
  • Aston-Martin DB2, DB2/4 and DB2/4 Mk 2, 1950 onwards.

For a final touch each reservoir comes with a free replica 'WARNING' label to beautify your engine detailing!

For non-Land-Rover use, body of reservoirs are 2.5" diameter and 4" high.

Fluid capacity for brake fluid only type reservoirs is just over 0.3 litres.

PLEASE NOTE: Brake Fluid Reservoirs are now only available to pre-approved customers. We have been threatened with copyright infringement by Girling. Please contact us directly for details.

Fitting hints and tips.

During the manufacture and test fitting of our reservoir pipes we have accumulated some experience that may be beneficial to customers fitting these pipes.

1. Offer up the pipe to the required position and check that it will fit. You may have to adjust the height of the reservoir. On our test jig we set the reservoir clip at the halfway height of the body. Check that the bends will clear the pedal boxes and other pipes.

2. Always fit the male union end first into the master cylinder, finger tight only. This is because the female union is larger and you can grip it better with your fingers when fitting to the reservoir union.

3. Fit the reservoir end, again only finger tight.

4. Tighten the reservoir end, using 2 spanners of the correct size. You must use one spanner to hold the reservoir union still, whilst tightening the pipe union with another spanner. Failue to do so will allow the reservoir union to spin and break the fluid seal.

5. Tighten the male union as normal.