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All brake pipes manufactured by Pegasus Parts are made from pressure tested cupro-nickel alloy pipe with solid brass unions.

Unlike other kit and pipe manufacturers we do not use 'universal' flares, we form the correct single lap or double lap flare as originally specified by Rover/Land-Rover.

Flares are produced using a Sykes-Pickavant 024000 model flaring tool.

All short pipes manufactured by Pegasus Parts have any difficult tight bends pre-formed using our tooling.

Simple curved pipes or pipes with easy to form bends are supplied as a coil.

Bespoke pipes can be manufactured upon request.


Please note:

On all Series 2 and 2a models up to chassis suffix 'E', the 5-way connector is a 4-way connector with an additional port for a hydraulic operated brake lamp switch.

From Series 2a chassis suffix 'F' onwards the switch is mechanically operated from the pedal and the 5-way connector replaced with a 4-way connector.

It is possible to fit metric threaded male unions into 3/8" UNF female threads on connectors and wheel cylinders. Please check unions carefully before ordering or fitting especially on late Series 3 models.