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British Association or BA Screw Threads

These screw threads are a largely obsolete set of small screw threads, the largest being 0BA at 6 mm diameter. They were, and to some extent still are, used for miniature instruments and modelling.

The British Standards Institution recommends the use of BA sizes in place of the smaller BSW and BSF screws (those below 1/4").

Generally, the 0BA size was dropped in place of 7/32" BSF in assemblies that included larger fasteners, however, in smaller equipment that was primarily electronic/electrical the 0BA size would typically be used in place of the BSF or BSW screw where it was the largest size required.

If you are looking for a particular sized fastener or unsure of how many fixings you require, please contact us.

Pictures are generic images. If unsure of the fastener description, please ask.

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