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The Nu-Link Mats Factory


West Sussex, United Kingdom

Employees: 500+

Product:Nu-Link Style Heavy Duty Floor Mats


 NuLink Style Mats

Behind the Product

The Nu-Link Style, Heavy Duty Floor Mats  Factory

This world-renowned factory was established in 1797 and has been family-owned for over two centuries. It is, without a doubt, considered the premier manufacturer of cashmere and wool scarves.

It is capable of producing 80,000 units per month and currently employs over 500 employees in a historic and beautiful factory. This establishment is particularly unique given that they raise their own sheep to produce the wool used in all of their scarves.

While we make it a priority to find the best factories to work with, they’re not always easy to find. In the case of our scarf factory, a chance encounter in New York set us on a hunt for this factory in Scotland.

How We Found It

Our search for this factory began when our CEO and founder Michael Preysman stumbled across a beautiful Merino Scarf in a New York shop. He resolved to locate the factory that made it, wagering Everlane could create something of the same quality but at a much lower price. Many hours of Googling and a series of emails later, we were on our way to working with our dream accessories manufacturer.

The Materials

This factory shepherds their own flock of Merino sheep, which they raise, shear, and clean before spinning the wool themselves. The vertical integration allows the factory to control costs and maximize returns—ensuring the best, most efficient manufacturing process possible.

While the wool is sourced locally, the cashmere fiber originates from just outside Mongolia. Cashmere goats are native to the region, so our factory works directly with suppliers there to import only the finest fibers. These are then transported to Scotland and spun at their local facility.

About the Owner

In its 200 year history, this factory has only been owned by two families. It was started by a local weaver, who opened a mill on the banks of the River Lossie in Newmill, Elgin. In 1920, it was sold to a family friend, who has continued to operate the business. The family is dedicated to maintaining their quality and craftsmanship and treating employees well.


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Opening Hours

Monday to Friday

10.00 am - 1.00 pm

1.30 pm - 3.30 pm


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