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If searching our site by part number it may help to put spaces in between letters and numbers, e,g. FRC1780 becomes FRC 1780.

If an item shows as 'Temporarily out of stock', it is still possible to order that item. Your order will trigger our buying department to restock that item.

The following are links to parts catalogues uploaded by others. We are not responsible for these sites content or accuracy, they are for guidance only.

If you are serious about restoration we recomend you purchase the relevant hard copy version of the parts catalogue for your vehicle.

Please note that part numbers do change, but we try to refer to old or superceded part numbers where possible:

Parts Catalogue - Series 1, 1954 to 1958

Parts Catalogue - Series 2 and Early 2a

Parts Catalogue - Series 3






Q. Do you ship to my country?

A. Yes, we ship all over the world. Order as normal, and at the checkout stage a drop-down box will appear with all the countries and territories listed.


Q. How much will shipping cost?

A. Shipping costs are automatically calculated by the website and are based upon the weight of the order. Due to some component sizes and destination country you may find the shipping defaults to £999.99. This is a trigger to contact us for a recalculated shipping charge. Generally small orders of service items etc should go through with no problem.


Q. How much will it cost to ship a bulkhead?

A. Again it depends upon the destination country and final delivery point. As shipping charges for export vary due to fuel costs, taxes, currency fluctuations etc., we prefer to quote for delivery nearer to the despatch date. In the meantime we can give a fairly accurate estimate.


Q. Whats the difference between Genuine, OE or OEM and Replacement parts?

A. The short answer is quality and cost. However it is more complicated than that. Briefly, Genuine means it comes in a Land-Rover marked box, or if it is unboxed, the item has the Land-Rover logo on it. This though is not foolproof as a whole industry exists to copy such things.

OE or OEM (Original Equipment or Original Equipment Manufacturer) means it is manufactured by a current or past supplier to Land-Rover. Again the component may be in an OE marked box or the item is marked in some way. The trading relationship may have ended, but still that manufacturer would be regarded as 'OE'. A bit of a grey area.

Replacement or 'pattern' means components that are manufactured by third parties, neither Land-Rover directly or any recognised OEM. Usually these parts are manufactured because there is no alternative, the market demand is not big enough for an OEM to set up manufacture. Pegasus Parts is technically a replacement parts manufacturer. The term 'pattern' is not used so often these days but used to refer to poor quality replacement parts, they were patterns of the original or poor copies.

To confuse the issue it is possible for 'replacement' parts manufacturers to use tooling and machinery that has been disposed of by an OEM, so although worn, the parts produced have been made using the original tools. This is why it may sometimes be better to overhaul original Genuine parts rather than fit so called 'new' replacement parts.

To clarify this confusion we list our parts with suffix codes as follows:

  • Part number followed by OEM, eg: RTC 3184 OEM, indicates an OE manufactured part. In this case Crosland manufactured Oil Filter for the 2¼ engines.
  • Part number followed by REP, eg: 611659 REP, indicates a replacement manufactured part. In this case a replacement specification V8 Rocker Shaft.


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